The ever-evolving blog | November, 18th.

I often get trapped by rules and guidelines I set for myself. I struggled to stray from something after I’ve decided it’s what I’m doing. It’s the perfectionist in me, and in everyone that struggles with this. This behavior can be unhealthy, and makes you really feel stuck.

Perfectionism(Thanks, Pinterest!)

I’ve done it with food, exercise, hobbies, plans, etc. Lately, I’ve felt myself doing it with this very blog! This blog was started as an advertising class assignment. We had to write a certain number of posts by the end of term (hence my numbered posts). They needed to relate to the advertising and media industry. Since that class ended, I worked hard to keep to the blog’s theme, even as my interests and blogging inspiration drifted from the advertising world. I struggled multiple times trying to decide how to fix it, but I would end up writing posts about varying interests, yet always feeling like I had to tie it back into advertising. I thought about starting new blogs (A food blog? Healthy living blog? Music blog?). I would brainstorm those for a week or so, but then feel defeated when I’d assume that I wouldn’t have enough content to make it worth while (that thought right there is so full of fear of failure and negativity! Shoo, you!).

Just recently I’ve realize that…who says I have to start a new blog? Who says I can only write about one topic on a blog? Who says that I have to continue writing about the same things, despite the fact that I have so many topics I’d enjoy talking about? I’ve realized that it’s me who says those things. I’ve made these rules for my blog that I thought were set in stone. And if I started a new blog with a new theme, I’d almost definitely fall into the same trap.

I like this blog. I want it to be fun! It’s a wonderful creative outlet, its origins bring fond memories, and I’m proud of the content on it so far. So I’m breaking my own rules! I already did so by writing this post (I had another topic planned in my mind when I sat down to write). It’s time for this blog to evolve and change, just like I am. This blog will still have posts about media and advertising, but I won’t let myself not write a post because it might not relate to that. I won’t let it stifle my creativity! I want to keep writing about food, music, crafts or whatever is inspiring me in the moment! I’m wiggling free from my own blogging rules 🙂

I have to give a holler to my college friend Teniola over at Anchors ‘n’ Oceans – her blog posts are always inspiring me so much! I read a post today that motivated me to write this post right after.

Bloggers, how do you deal with this issue? I’d love to hear!

Perfection is Paralyzing(Another good one from Satsuki!)