Rejoice! Rejoice! It’s Saturday. | November 22nd.

The weekend is exciting! So today, I felt like sharing things that currently have me excited. Let’s go!

I love cute blogging families (I actually just typed “flamlies” on accident. A cousin of mine used to say it that way. Hopefully I’ve ruined you all now. Welcome to the flamily!). My two current favorites are Fit Mama Real Food and Lauren’s Latest. I’ve been reading them both for a couple of years now. Whether you’re a mom or not, have kids or don’t, love food or don’t (or don’t? Is that possible?), both of these blogs are enjoyable to read. Strangely enough, I think both these families live near Portland, Oregon! Fit Mama Heather’s Instagram feed is just pure joy and full of her adorable son and daughter. I want to squeeze them! πŸ˜‰ And Lauren just revealed a clip of her and her family in the kitchen. I hope there will be more videos like this soon! What family foodie blogs do you like?

Speaking of cute families and babies, I’m working on a fleece fox toy for my little cousin for Christmas! She’s just about the cutest thing (my cousin…well, and the fox!). Here is the free pattern. I’m not an extremely experience sewer, so I’ll I’ve done so far is cut out the pattern. Makin’ progress! I really hope I get to see my little cousin during the holidays so I can give her the fox in person.

Fox Pattern
I’ve been on a boot hunt for months. I’ve had one pair of cheap, brandless boots (I think they were from Kohl’s) for a few years now. I’ve really worn them out, but I couldn’t seem to find a suitable replacement. I’m always cold, though, so I knew this was the winter I would find a nice, higher quality pair. Leather = warmth, after all. I ended up with 2 pairs! Wearing them around the house to make sure they’re right. Here’s a photo of my Boot Flamily.

The left pair is called Hilaria from Report Shoes. They aren’t leather, which is disappointing, but I found them before the middle pair, and they were the first comfortable boots I’d tried. Which leads to the glorious pair in the center: Cayden style from B.O.C.. Cayden doesn’t seem to be available on the B.O.C. site. These come up to my knee, are LEATHER, snug and hold my foot in place. And they’re warm! I originally didn’t want a pair that came to my knee (shorties, raise your hand!), because I felt it really cut my short legs in half. But I actually like how they look, and love how they feel so far. I think we’ll be very good friends heading into the even colder winter months. And the right pair? My long-time buddies ❀ Anyone know where they might be from?

Enough shoe talk. Last bit of weekend excitement! I’m performing in a community Messiah Sing-along, and I’m thrilled to say I was selected to sing the Soprano “Rejoice, O Daughter of Zion!” solo. I’ve been singing everyday and working hard. I’ve missed this kind of musical work. Collaborating with fellow musicians, listening to all sorts of recordings, and that crazy-obsessed, ultra-focused feeling you get when you spend a lot of time with one piece of music. Plus I’m inspired by fellow soloists and our awesomely talented accompanist. I’m grateful. I have more work to do before performance day, but I’m excited!

My score :)

My score πŸ™‚

What has your attention or is inspiring you lately?