64. ♪ In Baltimore, you will find what you’ve been waiting for…and it’s Berger Cookies.

I participated in The Lean Green Bean‘s Foodie Penpals program in October! It’s been a few months, and I’m so glad I got back in on the fun. Especially since Lean Green Bean Lindsay just gave birth to an adorable baby boy and will be taking a break from hosting Foodie Penpals until next year. I’m sending warm, well wishes to Lindsay and her family!

Foodie PenPals
My penpal for October was the awesome, pumpkin-loving Emily from Maryland! This was her first time participating in Foodie Penpals, and the two of us were both super stoked to exchange boxes of fabulous treats, goodies, and noms. I’ve done Foodie Penpals twice before, but Emily is the first person I’ve been paired with to be closer to my age, which was fun! As the end of October approached, I eagerly awaited my package. It came on a chilly, cloudy Wednesday…

It was way more challenging to hold the phone steady, open a box and form coherent sentences all at the same time than I thought it would be. 😉

Can you guess what I tried first? I had just made a cup of Celestial Seasonings tea before getting the mail. Wouldn’t a cookie go great with that? Have you had a Berger Cookie? I had never had a Berger Cookie. I clearly wasn’t living life before my first Berger Cookie. Or my second. Or third…these rich, gooey, fudge-dipped Berger Cookies were the obvious star of the foodie package. Before she put my package together, Emily had asked me if I like sweets because she wanted to send me a “Baltimore treat.” Thank goodness I said yes. Yummmm. My brother tried two one as well, and he said he’d be willing to pay cross-country shipping to get a box all for himself. Yep, that good. Of course, we could always make our own with King Arthur if we got really desperate.

photo 2(4)photo 5(2)


Emily also told me about an ice cream shop in Baltimore that makes Berger Cookie ice cream sandwiches. Be still, my heart. Could it be here?

The Somersault Snacks didn’t last long either. I didn’t even get a photo of the snack itself! While Dad said they were “interesting,” my Grandma wanted to go around to local grocery stores and put in a stock request. Thankfully, I spotted them for the first time while shopping over the weekend. They’re light, salty and crunchy! The texture sort of reminded me of the airiness of a rice cake, but more seed-y. Since they don’t contain nuts, they weren’t dense at all like some granola and nut bars. They have a ton of flavors, and I’m hoping I can find more of them locally! Dutch cocoa, I’ve got my eye on you.


I was of course thrilled about the Justin’s Almond Butter and Hazlenut Butter packets, Beanitos and the kind bar! I had never tried the Justin’s Chocolate Hazlenut Butter, simply because I never liked Nutella. Oh, how silly of me! Move over, Nutella. Justin’s version is SO delicious and chocolatey, but not too sweet at all. Plus, it uses all-natural ingredients. That’s tough to beat. Also, while working on this blog post I discovered Justin’s has a WHITE CHOCOLATE peanut butter cup?! Must find.

photo 2(5)

photo 1(3)

photo 3(2)

Isn’t the card adorable?! Aww. Thank you SO much, Emily! I loved every part of my goodie box. I can’t wait for next year when Foodie Penpals starts up again! If you’ve never participated, you should give it a shot!

Have you don’t Foodie Penpals? What’s your favorite foodie item you’ve received?