63. Baking Bootcamp – Apple Pie Biscuits

It’s officially fall! That means bakers are gonna bake, bake, bake, bake, bake…

I stumbled upon Joy the Baker through Instagram about a week ago (I think I saw this person, who I follow, like one of Joy’s beautiful photos. Ah, roads of the internet!). I was browsing her site when I saw that she and King Arthur Flour were teaming up to do a Baking Bootcamp. How do you participate in the bootcamp? Simple! Bake these fall-icious, tasty apple pie biscuits. Snap a photo (or 2 or 7). Share it on Instagram with the #bakingbootcamp hashtag, and follow both Joy and King Arthur Flour. You’ll be entered to win a year’s supply of flour AND a Baking Essentials box full of amazing kitchen tools and gadgets. Plus, you’re going to wind up with some out-of-this-word apple pie biscuits. You can’t loose, really.

Oozing with apple-cinnamon goodness!

Oozing with apple-cinnamon goodness!

Joy’s easy-to-make biscuits looked delicious, so I gave them a go last weekend. My teen brother was having some friends over, so I knew the house would be full of hungry boys!

Since I didn’t have my own King Arthur Self-Rising Flour, I just made my own! Joy explained how to make both regular self-rising flour and gluten-free self-rising flour. How great is she?! Did I mention my little foodie heart nearly burst when I saw Joy got to hang out and bake with one of my favorite Food Network Stars? Also, every blog/recipe post is like a work of art! Beautiful imagery and clever words to match. It’ll leave you drooling on your keyboard! Joy sneaks in other tidbits that aren’t all food-related into her posts, making her blog feel well-rounded, yet still focused on baking. I feel like that’s a major struggle when I blog, so I’ll definitely be looking to her posts for inspiration! πŸ™‚

But back to the flour. I mixed it up the night before so I’d be all set to get baking in the morning.

FlourΒ  Flour Mixture

Bright and early the next morning, I got to baking! Check out Joy’s post for step-by-step pictures and directions.

Apple Slices

Apples: CHOPPED!

Melting butter

Channeling Ree Drummond with this butter action.

photo 3

photo 1(1)

Placing the apples, being powered by Legend of Zelda


This recipe made 12 small biscuits. All VANISHED by the end of the morning. I munched on mine with some delish Fage greek yogurt, which complimented the cinnamon and slight sweetness of these tasty treats.

The above collage is what I shared on my Instagram to enter the Baking Bootcamp contest. Both Joy and King Arthur Flour liked my photos, and King Arthur Flour even left some comments! I just love seeing brands interacting with their fans through social media. It builds an instant connection!

A huge thanks to Joy the Baker and King Arthur Flour for holding such a cool bootcamp. It brings bakers together in a fun way, and teaches everyone how to create something new and delicious. Some of my coworkers even saw my posts and now want to try this out over the weekend.

Wanna participate? You have until October 11th! I’ll be watching the #bakingbootcamp hashtag for fellow bakers’ creations. I’m already looking forward to the next Baking Bootcamp! Maybe something Thanksgiving or Christmas-themed?