59. Friday Things!

It’s Friday!

My last blog entry was on a Friday (at the end of May?! Okay, let’s not go 10 months between posts again), so what better way to get back into posting than on a Friday?

I love Friday. The entire weekend is ahead of you. Endless possibilities! I think, “Now is the time to try out all those recipes I read during the week,” or “I should start watching that show…,” or “The weather is nice – time for a hike!” or “I’ll finally organize that stack of boxes in my room.” That last one rarely happens.

I think back to the fun things I did, watched, made or read during the week, and I want to share! Here we go – Friday Things!

  1. A thought. I want to start an additional blog, based more around food, overall wellness and balance. I’ve brainstormed names, trying to encompass my lifestyle and feelings about eating, food and health, but I think I’ve settled on something like “Ridiculissa Eats,” mostly because I’ve used “Ridiculissa” for multiple social media platforms to identify myself. Thoughts?
  2. I finally got a new yoga mat! When I first started yoga back in December, my best friend (thank you, lovely!) gave me a mat. I was thrilled! You can’t beat a free mat, but I practice yoga regularly now and wanted something a little more substantial. After much deliberation (internet research, asking everyone in yoga class, and basically becoming close friends will the entire floor staff at the sporting goods store), I got a Manduka, from their PRO Mat series. It’s HUGE and heavy, but I wanted a mat that I wouldn’t slide on and that was nice and squishy. My boney back would always hurt during floor work on the other mat.

    New and old! Manduka on the left, my first yoga mat on the right.

    I’m still breaking in the Manduka, but I already like it. To care for it, I wipe it down with a blend of these three oils and water.Image

  3. Something that everyone should read –> “Explore.
  4. A super silly card game cover I saw at work. I would play it just because of the art! Sheep Impact. Anyone ever played it?Image
  5. This week’s breakfast obsession? Baked Oatmeal. One of my favorites was my own version of the Deep Dish Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie from the Nutritious Kitchen! I strayed from her recipe a bit…but maybe I’ll save that for when I start a food blog šŸ™‚Image
    I also made a version of Once Upon a Cutting Board’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Baked Oatmeal and Fit Mama Real Food’s Blueberry Chia Seed Baked Oatmeal last week and this week.
  6. ORPHAN BLACK STARTS ON SATURDAY. TOMORROW. Does that still count as a “Friday Thing?”

What would your “Friday Things” be for this week?


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