49. Chobani – My life fuel!

I love Chobani.

Why do I love it, you ask? Be still, my beating heart!

Not only is Chobani the most delicious yogurt on the market, but in my opinion it’s also the healthiest! Chobani contains twice the amount of protein as other yogurts. It has very few ingredients, all of which are natural. It’s low in carbohydrates and sugar – the few that are in the Plain only come from the milk. Yoplait, eat your heart out.

Full of health benefits, Chobani helps me live my healthy lifestyle. Since March of 2011, I’ve lost 80 pounds. 80! I’ve completely changed my way of life – everything from eating habits to my exercise routine.

It’s been a journey, to say the least. Now, I aim to eat clean, fresh, REAL foods. I work weights at least 5 days a week (along with circuit cardio), aiming to build lean muscle. Muscles need food for fuel in order to grow – hello, Chobani! With it’s protein and healthy carbohydrates and live cultures, it can’t fail. Even the 0% Plain (which happens to be my favorite) is like a rich, creamy, scrumptious dessert.

I’ve had great experiences with the people behind Chobani as well. In the summer, I saw a Chobani contest advertised on Facebook. If you “liked” Chobani’s contest page, you’d be entered to win some samples of the three newest flavors – Apple Cinnamon,  Blood Orange and Passion Fruit. My Facebook page liking must have pleased the Chobani gods, because only a couple days past before I got the email.

I won?! What? I’d never won a contest before. My emails back and forth with a Chobani staff member to discuss shipping of my winnings was so pleasant and easy. When I received my samples in the mail, I quickly Tweeted, Instagramed and Facebooked some pictures. Chobani has a great social media presence, so I of course tagged the brand in all my posts.

Get this: Chobani responded! They retweeted my images and even took the time to write a little friendly reply. Chobani also changes the contests every so often. I just entered to win some of the new 16 oz containers. Yummy!

To top it all off, the brand has a heart-felt story, coming from humble beginnings. Chobani has valued people from the very start.

Recently, ad agency Leo Burnett and Chobani decided to join forces. Leo Burnett is behind ads such as this Chobani Olympic spot, helping Chobani bring home the gold for Olympic advertising.

My experiences with Chobani have been “nothing but good.” With a strong social media presence, contests, free coupons online, shared recipes, community events and even a bus tour, this is clearly a company that cares for its consumers, putting them first. Chobani even features a “Chobaniac” on the blog, putting the spotlight on fellow CHO lovers. When they interact by responding to my posts or sharing my photos with the Chobani community, it makes me feel like a part of the larger Chobani community and like my opinion matters. Please Chobani, keep it up!

One more thing. My day is never complete until I’ve had at least one Chobani! My favorite? 0% Plain. So simple, but at the same time offers the most freedom for creativity. My staple nighttime snack is 0% Plain, a splash of unsweetened almond milk,cinnamon, unsweetened cocoa powder, a little chocolate whey protein powder, and some PB2. If I’m feeling a little indulgent, I’ll add a little scoop of real peanut butter! After about 30 minutes of chillin’ in the freezer, my frozen Chobani yogurt is ready to (inhale) enjoy! Mmm. I’ve also tried a few other combinations, as well as making healthy oatmeal parfaits and veggie dips!

Now, if you’ll excuse me…


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