48. Under the rose.

Ad Week‘s “New Model Agency” video for today caught my eye. At New York-based agency Sub Rosa, founded in 2005, strategy and brand experience are held in the highest regard.

Check out the short video to hear CEO Michael Ventura chat more about this cool agency.

I admire how many outside sources they brought in and questioned while doing research for GE’s “For Women by Women.” Talking with Victoria Secret for the gown design was genius! Nothing screams uncomfortable hospital experience like your bum hanging out the back of a crinkly robe.

I like how Ventura explains Sub Rosa’s experiential work, talking about how interacting with a brand should be very similar to interacting with a person. It’s a brand’s experience and message that keep customers returning for more. If you don’t like the way an interaction with someone makes you feel, chances are you won’t want to hang out with them again.

This idea of a brand being like a person is evident throughout the Sub Rosa site as well. If you scroll to the bottom of the “About” page, you’ll find 20 all-too-intriguing squares with pictures of different items. Who do these things belong to? What kind of person pops into your mind when you see these brands? I decided to click around on the brands/products I was attracted to. Turns out I should be hanging out with Sub Rosa staff like  Executive Producer Anna Simonse, Technology Director John Barton and Junior Environmental Designer Caitlin Joyce. How about you?

I can definitely see making my own square of products that represent me this weekend…personal project! I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on Sub Rosa’s career page.


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