47. Landor Associates – Stand up, stand out and stand for something.

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to visit branding agency Landor AssociatesNew York City office. Hidden within one of the tall, ominous yet beautiful buildings along Park Avenue, I gaped in awe at its majesty…while enjoying the conveniently located Starbucks across the street. Nothing like being 40 minutes early for an appointment! Even after accidentally going to the entirely opposite end of Park Avenue…


Protein box! Just my style.

Landor, I’ve found you!

I met Mindy Romero, Landor’s Director of Public Relations, when I was in NYC back in May with fellow UO classmates for Creativity Week. She and I were both attending the UnConference and ended up chatting together at lunch. I made it a point to stay in contact with her after leaving New York, and it definitely paid off! Networking is such a powerful tool in advertising. There are so many wonderful people in the industry who will happily help out new college grads. Mindy was no exception! When I found out I had the chance to be in New York last week, I quickly emailed her. I not only was able to set up a meeting with her, but she helped out so I could also meet with Alyssa Montalvo from the HR department.

When it was time for my meetings, I ventured over. With a clean, crisp lobby with security guards, I couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated.

Compared to the bright lobby, the Landor office was full of dark brick, sleek furniture, graphic art and examples of award-winning work on the walls. They even pay tribute to Walter Landor on one of the walls.

I’m so appreciative and thankful for being able to meet with both Alyssa and Mindy. We talked about Landor and how they function, things I’ve done in the past, what I want to do in the future, different possibilities and the industry. They both critiqued my resume and gave me tips for networking. I also have some ideas for personal projects to do in order to be a better potential employee in general.

Both reminded me of the importance of keeping a blog. Read and stay up to date on the industry. Form an opinion about what brands are doing and share it! When I struggled (only momentarily) to name a brand that had recently don’t something I liked, I knew I’d been away from industry news a little too long. On your blog, don’t be afraid to have a post every now and again about your new favorite song, shirt, recipe, whatever! It shows off your personality. If you’re able to tie it back in to advertising or branding, even better.

We’ve all heard it before –  LinkedIn and Twitter may be your best friends when it comes to landing a job. If you meet someone in the industry, try your best to establish a connection and keep in contact. Nothing beats face-to-face communication, but messages every now and again will keep you in their mind. If it’s someone who works at an agency, maybe they have some new work out that you admire. Strike up a conversation about it. Alyssa told me about a person she interviewed in the past. Landor wasn’t able to hire that person at the time, but s/he still keeps in touch with Alyssa. Alyssa said she would definitely think of that person if there was a job opening.

I had a great time at Landor and would love to come back (and someday land(or) a job there). I’m feeling more motivated to work hard. Let’s go!


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