43. “Live Every Moment.”

One of the positive things about getting lost is you’ll never know what interesting things you’ll stumble upon. Especially in New York City.

As I lost my way trying to get from The Roosevelt Hotel to The Seaport (ended up in Queens at one point. How?!), I found myself somewhere right in the middle, around 14th Street. I ventured above ground off the subway to get my bearings. Frustrated, I walked a few blocks, but was soon stopped in my tracks by a small crowd of people on the sidewalk with paint. Lots of paint!

Who could resist the chance to finger paint?! I quickly found a teal-ish color, one of my favorites.

After documenting my artistic work (thank you, Instagram!), I asked one of the guys in charge what this project was all about. It’s called Urban Speedbump and it’s an ongoing project of NYU art graduate student, Kaavya Jayapratap. The goal of Urban Speedbump is to get fast-paced city goers to slow down and take a moment to pause. As Kaavya’s little business cards say, “Live Every Moment.”

I think this is something I definitely learned while in New York last week. A big city has so much culture and art to offer, but with all the rushing around involved with city life, it’s easy to forget and pass it by.

The guy I was talking to was a marketing major from a Brooklyn school and was helping document the project. I happily talked about the UO ad program and told him what I’d been doing in NYC for a week. He told me I was the first person to write a twitter hashtag with paint. Go #UONYC12!

Let’s splash some color!

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