41. Up, up and away!

This will be the earliest I’ve gone to bed in ages…

I guess that’s the only good thing about having a crack-of-dawn (or “crap of dawn,” as my mom and I say) flight. It’s definitely motivation to go to bed early.

After weeks of prep, I’m heading off to New York City with a 60+ group of advertising students and three fabulous professors, Deb Morrison, Harsha Gangadharbatla and Dave Koranda. We’re taking on Creative Week and touring some of the top ad agencies like DDB, JWT and W + K New York.

I’ve only been to New York City once. It was back in high school and, to be honest, I don’t remember a lot of the details. Given it was about 8 years ago, but come on…it was New York! I do not want to be saying the same thing 8 years from now about this trip. This time, I’ll be the best curator there is! I want to absorb all that New York has to offer. I’ll be an NYC culture sponge of sorts. It’s such an international city and I want to take it all in. To start off on the right foot, I’m making a list.

  1. I’ll talk to/meet someone new every day, whether it’s a fellow ad student I’ve never talked to or a NYC local standing in front of me in the coffee line.
  2. I’ll eat/drink things I never have before. When I go to unique/little local restaurants, I’ll ask the server what the favorite dish is!
  3. I’ll take a picture of everything I eat so (I can see what a piglet I am) I’ll remember the delicious foods and places.
  4. I’ll ask at least one question at every ad agency we visit.
  5. I’ll take copious notes during visits and write thank you notes to the agency folk that are taking the time to show us around and share their knowledge. I’ve already got my thank you cards and stamps!
  6. Even if I stay out late, have to get up early and am dead-tired, I’ll always be on and alert during visits!
  7. Receipts, ticket stubs, random and inspiring odds and ends that will remind me of something special will go in this notebook. At least once I day I’ll write in it.

8.  Most importantly…I’ll have fun! 🙂

See you there~


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