40. The Final Round – Business cards!

After a nail-biting round of business card critique on my Facebook page last week, these babies have made it to the final round! While I quietly mourn the loss of the less superior cards, I’m hoping some input on these final few will cheer me up. Who will be the winner?! Whether you hate one, love one, or are too busy working on your own business cards…I’d love any input people want to share!



4 Comments on “40. The Final Round – Business cards!”

  1. Ooooh, tough choices! They all look great! I have to stay, my eyes still gravitate towards number 2, so that’s my first choice… but I also like the pop that 3 has, so that’s my second choice!

    • Alissa Barry says:

      Tough, indeed! Thanks for the reply! I’m thinking I’ll keep the red “Barry” from 3 but use the “account planner + creative strategist” font from 2! Best of both worlds, perhaps?

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