27. SMent, you’re such a tease!

S.M. Entertainment, one of the top music agencies in Korea, is trying out a rather interesting marketing technique for its newest soon-to-debut groups, EXO-K and EXO-M.

S.M. has always released teasers for new music videos and new groups, but I’ve never seen any record label release so many for two new groups before they’ve even officially debuted. Since December 21st of 2011, 10 teasers have been released through S.M.’s Youtube account and Facebook page featuring different members from the groups. Not many details have been released about these two groups, other than the names, ages and ethnicity of some of the members. EXO-K will focus their activities in Korea, while EXO-M will mostly be targeting the Chinese market. S.M. has created sub-units of groups in the past to focus on other countries, but only after the full original group had experienced a couple years of success in Korea. A few years ago, S.M. created a sub-unit using some of the members of Super Junior to create Super Junior-M in order to focus on the Chinese market.

As for EXO-K and EXO-M, this is the first time the record label has created two sub-units before a debut. Teasers have been released throughout the past month focusing on the talents of individual members.

This was the first teaser to be released, featuring Kai.

Most recently, this teaser featuring Lay was released.

On January 10th, a teaser was released that, for the first time, revealed the total number of members for the two groups.

Details as to who is in which group have yet to be released. I’m eager to see if the 12 members will ever perform as one unit or if they will always be divided. Other than the teaser of 12 members (above), only 5 of the members have been introduced more thoroughly through their own individual teasers. Member Kai has been featured in 6 of the 10 videos, making me a little curious what the other mystery members have to offer. Having been releasing trailers for almost a month, SM Entertainment is definitely causing a stir with this new way of marketing its newest groups. While some fans are complaining and wondering why the groups aren’t making an official debut yet, others are realizing how well this marketing strategy seems to be working. It’s getting people talking. By showing the talents of each individual member, slowly but surely, the anticipation for these groups is building. It’s about revealing just enough to leave people asking for more, creating a strong fan base before the groups even make a debut. S.M. has also created Youtube and Facebook pages (all in English) for these groups as a way to connect with international fans as well.

As a fan of all the artists signed under SM Entertainment, I can’t wait to see what EXO-K and EXO-M bring to the table! Good luck, guys!


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