26. Tanooki tail-smash your way to the finish!

Ah, my first non-required blog post! Does this make me a real blogger now? Let’s do this!

Nintendo has a new ad out for its newest 3DS game, Mario Kart 7: Kart Rules.

This is one of the best ads I’ve seen from Nintendo recently. I absolutely love it! Talk about making your audience a part of the game. I like how Nintendo used a variety of different-aged people in the ad, such as a young girl for Peach, a teenager for Bowser, and two 20-somethings for Mario and Luigi. While some people, via YouTube’s comment section, complained that the commercial style portrayed the game as solely a kid’s game, I think it’s Nintendo’s way of showing that people of many ages will enjoy this newest installation to the never-ending Mario Kart series. Nintendo has always been about family-oriented games, after all.


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