25. Looks like we made it ♫

First things first. Here is my portfolio website! Easy access for my professor as she enters hibernation grading time.

On October 6th, I wrote my first blog post for Creative Strategist. I made a list of 6 things I wanted to accomplish or work on by the time class ended. My list was as follows:

  • I’ll be interesting and interested.
  • I’ll have a better understanding of where my place is in the world of Advertising.
  • I’ll be able to rattle off all the top agencies an Advertising student should know and be reading about.
  • I’ll be more confident in thinking, hey! Even though I’m a student, I can create and produce something worth looking at.
  • I’ll start doing, instead of waiting.
  • Most importantly, I’ll have my s#!t together!

To be honest, I didn’t look back at this list after I wrote it until now; and yet, I feel as though I’ve at least accomplished a few of these. From Russell Davies’ “How To Be Interesting” list, I’ve started taking at least one photo everyday, whether it’s with my Nikon or my phone camera, and posting it on Instagram and Facebook. Here are some of them.

I started a blog (okay, so that was a class assignment…) and definitely wrote at least 1 sentence a week. I think I’ve written more words in the last couple of months than I ever have! I’ve kept an Idea Book, which is kind of like a scrapbook. While it may not have been every week, there were a few times throughout the term where I picked up a magazine I’d never read before. I collect things, like I talked about in a recent blog post. I’ve made something (mostly baking), and boy, have I been reading. That’s, like…six and a half of Russel Davies’ ways of being interesting that I’ve been doing! I say that’s a pretty decent accomplishment. I hope to work on being more interesting over Christmas break by taking on some personal, fun projects.

I definitely have a better understanding of where my place is in the world of advertising. I’ve been seriously looking into the field of account planning (…with maybe a sprinkle of media planning) since our lecture in class weeks ago. I’m quite excited to have some sort of direction.

Wieden + Kennedy, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Wexley School for Girls, Wong, Doody, Crandall, & Wiener, 72andSunny.  Mission complete! Okay, okay. There are too many great agencies students should know about. This is just a simple list of some of my favorites. But the point is I was able to rattle them off!

I think I’m still a little watery when it comes to my confidence in producing great work. Throughout the term, I found myself spending far too much time browsing classmates’ blogs and comparing my work to theirs. It’s helpful, but only to a certain extent. I tended to look at their work, compare it to mine and then go into a slump. The majority of the time I thought everyone’s work was better than mine. In the last few weeks, I’ve been trying harder to use classmates’ work as inspiration to work hard instead of producing nothing and feeling bad about my own work. So this point is still a work in progress.

I’ve definitely started doing. Thanks to a fellow classmate, I found a list called “Habits of ineffective people.” It struck a chord so close to my heart that I found it worthy of being fancified a bit and placed on the wall. This reminds me every day to do instead of to wait.

And last but not least…have I gotten my s#!t together? I’m working on it. I think producing 25 quality blog posts in 8 weeks is a decent indication.


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