20. Cuties Citrus.

Since I’ve been home for Thanksgiving break, I’ve been eating some delectably sweet mandarin oranges my mom bought. They’re the perfect size for a delicious fruit snack. Today, however, I noticed on one particular mandarin in our fruit bowl, there was a sticker staring up at me.

Intrigued, I decided this particular mandarin was the one to eat! Upon further inspection, I saw the sticker was an advertisement for the mandarin company’s website, Cuties Citrus.

“Make a video starring YOU!” My interest was peaked enough to check out this website. The little mandarin on the sticker was just too cute to ignore.

As the homepage loaded, I was pleasantly surprised! To be fair, I haven’t visited many websites for fruits, but Cuties Citrus has such a refreshing feeling about it! With a nearly all-orange color scheme, it makes me feel healthy just looking at it. Design aside, what really caught my eye was how interactive the site is and how many activities the brand seems to be involving themselves in. With nutrition facts, recipes and facts and games for kids, there is plenty to do. Play soccer against the evil junk food monsters or send eCards featuring Li’l Zipper (the face of Cuties!) to your friends. Cuties has done a great job personifying their brand with Li’l Zipper. You can read his likes and dislikes and play games with him. When kids and parents get to interact with Li’l Zipper, the brand will become much more memorable.

Cuties isn’t just about fun and games. They are big supporters of youth soccer all over the country and are partners with 5 different youth soccer organizations. The “Make a video starring YOU!” that was printed on the sticker was to advertise a contest that awards the “Best Soccer Mom” with 5,000 dollars and the opportunity to attend a clinic with Olympic athlete, Joy Fawcett.

Through their work with the Good Food Project, Cuties teaches kids about the importance of eating healthy. They’ve also taken trips to local zoos and handed out Cuties mandarins for free.

Cuties uses the small size of the mandarin to their advantage, advertising the fruit as small and just the right size for kids. The fact that the brand is supporting soccer and promoting exercise and activity of young kids appeals to many parents as well. The brand is tapping into people’s desire to do good things. Who wouldn’t want to support a brand that supports healthy eating? After chatting with my mom, she admitted to being more inclined to buy Cuties again now that she knows more about the brand’s activities.

Cuties has a big social media presence, with over 90,000 “likes” on Facebook. They also have a Twitter and flickr. account as well. Check them out and give them a taste, too!


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