19. T-shirts and charity.

Ever wanted to buy a stylish t-shirt AND donate money to charity at the same time? Now you can!

I found out about Sevenly.org a couple of weeks ago while watching Daily Grace, an online comedian. In this recent video, she discusses some of her favorite things about fall; however, I think the only correlation between Sevenly.org and fall is that Grace likes the site…and it’s currently fall.

Like Grace says, every week this company picks out a charity. For one week, customers can buy a one-of-a-kind t-shirt that has the week’s charity printed on it in a cool, stylized way. At the end of the week, Sevenly donates $7 dollars from every t-shirt purchased (the total cost for the customer is $22 dollars) to that week’s pre-chosen charity. As the next week begins, a new t-shirt is sold for a new charity. Pretty cool, right? The website even has a countdown bar near the top of the window to show you the current charity and how much time is left. This week’s charity is for education of children in Nicaragua. Even though the charities aren’t getting a shirt whenever someone buys one, some might say this is almost the t-shirt version of TOMS shoes. Compared to TOMS, Sevenly is a bit more affordable. With their fashionable graphic t-shirts, it seems their main target audience is young people, possibly between 20 and 30, so it’s nice that the price is relatively inexpensive.

Sevenly has a great info graphic to help explain their mission. It covers the problems many new charities have and why Sevenly is a solution.

Sevenly is a perfect example of a brand doing good work. Their sole purpose is to help charities succeed. People have asked them why they only donate $7 dollars of a $22 dollar purchase. Striving to be a transparent company, they explain in their FAQ that $7 dollars is more than 30% of their total revenue, which is more than non-profits give. They also willingly explain how the other $15 dollars is used, which I find very important. There are other companies like this where you might pay a certain amount each month but aren’t quite sure what it’s all being used for. Transparency is important in companies dealing with charities, and Sevenly.org seems to honestly want to keep the charity the number one priority. Keep it up, Sevenly!


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