16. Passion.

These last few weeks have been swarming with discussions on how to be interested and interesting. I’ve learned that people are drawn to others who are genuinely interested in something. Anything at all! Music, language, crafts, computers, art, science, rocks…anything! If you have a passion, let people know about it. Some people (myself included) easily get so wrapped up in their passion that it can be hard to form coherent sentences when they’re trying to tell someone about it. It’s important to learn how to share what you love with people.  Having a passion is such an appealing and attractive characteristic in someone and I’ve found myself being reminded of this, especially in the last few days.

A friend showed this video to me last night.

When I watch this, I don’t just see twin brothers dancing. I see passion. Seeing how they command the stage and their expressions and energy when they perform is enough to understand how they feel about dance. I want to sit down with them and talk not just about dance, but about anything and everything. If they have such a strong passion for dance, I want to know what else they’re interested in. That right there is the key. A person’s passion for one thing leads you to believe that other aspects of their lives are interesting. Because they’re interested, I find them interesting.

I also noticed this while at choir rehearsal today. I’m performing in a concert with the Eugene Symphony at the Hult Center on Tuesday. Today was my first time working with the Eugene Symphony’s new Music Director, Danail Rachev. His passion for music and conducting was clear the moment he stepped onto the podium to start rehearsal. From his precise conducting to his complete knowledge about the piece to his ability to count seemingly impossible rhythms, everything about him made his passion for music clear. Without knowing anything else about him, I immediately felt drawn to him and hung on his every word. He seemed so knowledgeable. I think he’s so talented at what he does partially because there is a passion behind it, pushing him forward. People who are lucky enough to work in a field related to their passion are bound to create something great.

So go out and be passionate about something. It doesn’t matter if you’re good (or not so good) at it. Just find it and love it! Share it with anyone who’s willing to listen. Be interesting!

(written on Sunday, 11/20. The concert has already happened and was fabulous!)


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