14. Odds

While thankfully no one in my family has been touched by autism, I did my final Gateway to Media project on an Oregon bill that had strong ties to those within the autism community. I’m still on many email mailing lists and often read updates on events happening in the community. Everyone I encountered – parents, teachers and children with autism alike, were all so kind and willing to talk with me.

Recently, Autism Speaks and Ad Council teamed up with ad agency BBDO to create two new ads as a part of their “Odds” campaign, which originally started in 2006. The campaign features celebrities who have overcome extremely small odds to succeed in their field, and yet they couldn’t escape the odds of having a child or relative with autism. Each ad within the campaign is done with a unique art style, reflecting the personality of the celebrity. The ad tells a short story, listing the odds of something like successfully opening your own clothing store at age 18.

I really enjoyed the art style used in this ad featuring Jamie McMurray, whose niece has autism.

The ads have brought in millions of dollars in donations since the launch and were created by BBDO, pro bono. Talk about paying it forward! With so many great and well-known clients, it’s quite inspiring to see a successful agency take the time to make ads simply for a charitable cause. I hope these organizations continue to work together in the future, bringing more attention to autism. Anyone affected by it knows how much attention it really deserves.


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