7. A pep talk in every drop.

Halls Defense’s sugar-free cough drops and I have become very close friends over the past week. Along with probably half the student body, I was struck down by the cursed Week 4 Cold. Just as classes start to really pick up speed, we’re sleeping less to keep up…only to get sick and fall further behind! Ah, such a vicious cycle, really.

This is where Halls Defense comes into play! As far as I can remember, I’ve never noticed Halls advertising in the past; however, when I bought two new bags of them at the health center, I noticed the packaging of the individual drops had changed. Gone are the days of the plain, white wrapper with “Halls” printed on them. They now have short and to-the-point motivational phrases all over them. When you’re feeling sick, nothing is more encouraging than a little pep talk. I was pleasantly surprised when I dug into my first bag.

After seeing this new packaging design, I wondered what other creative ads Halls had done in the past that I’d missed out on. I found these 2007 print ads to be really clever. Put together by J. Walter Thompson, they compare Halls Defense to things like breaks on roller skates and seatbelt buckles, implying that Halls Defense is there to protect you.

In my search to find past Halls Defense ads, I discovered the “Pep talk in every drop” campaign had been running since fall of 2010.

While I would normally toss my cough drop wrappers away, I loved the little slogans so much that I held on to all of them, creating a little pile on my desk. I took some photos of my favorites.

This new campaign is a great step towards reaching out and understanding the Halls Defense consumer. It’s creating an emotional bond with the consumer, which increases the likelihood of a first-time customer becoming a returning customer. The team that came up with this pep talk idea completely understands what it’s like to be sick! You always just want to mope around, crawl into bed and forget about class and work. Encouraging words can do wonders.


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