5. Perverted for life.

“You’re perverted for life.”

These are the wise words of Dave Koranda, whose Media Planning Bootcamp I attended yesterday afternoon. We attempted to learn an entire term’s worth of information in a mere 3 hours. Talk about getting down to business, right?

I didn’t realize how soon his words would ring so clearly in my mind. As I stepped off the treadmill after my workout this evening, I tiredly slumped over to the laundry baskets of clean and dirty sweat rags. As I reached in for a clean one, and then for the bottle of cleanser, I noticed a poster advertising a 5K Marathon run.

(Excuse the shoddy photography. It was a photo taken rather sneakily…)

At first I thought, “Well, this sounds fun!” Looking at the application date, I was disappointed that it had already past. Not even a second later, however, I thought,

“…how did they decide to put this poster RIGHT here? It really is a perfect place. Runners will see it immediately after getting off the treadmill when they’re still thinking about their run. Some might be thinking, ‘That felt great! I can’t wait to run again! Hey, what’s this poster?’ or ‘Ugh, that run was BRUTAL. How can I find more ways to build up my stamina? Hey…’ Everyone is required to clean off their machines, so this place gets a lot of traffic. It’s also the place everyone stands while waiting for a machine to open up. I hope these posters are also up outside of the REC Center. It seems like a great community event. Are they only targeting gym-goers? The running feet sure caught my eye. Why is this poster still up if the application date has already passed?! Whoever is responsible for this ad obviously didn’t create a schedule to check up on things. And…oh yeah, I’m supposed to be cleaning off my treadmill.”

Perverted for life, indeed.


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