3. Let’s Dance!

Why can’t all ads be this fun? Okay, okay. There are the obvious answers like money, time, clients, etc., but even if you don’t have the biggest budget in the world, there’s no excuse to not be this fun and creative. My hat is off to 72andSunny.

Created by 72andSunny’s Amsterdam office, this ad is for Pirelli’s new Pzero tires and is a part of the Let’s Dance campaign. It was filmed in Milan with 30 professional dancers from Paris, Milan and Rome in a flash mob sort of style.

This ad seems to have been born from a group of brand thinkers as opposed to advertising thinkers. While advertising thinking shows off the product, brand thinking shares an idea or emotion. The 2-minute ad is more like a music video, giving off a feeling instead of showing a product. Honestly, the first time I watched it I was too swept up in the awesome choreography and cinematography to even realize what product was being advertised. I simply found myself thinking, “This looks like fun!” The tires themselves are really only shown a few times throughout the entire ad, and even when they are it is barely even for a second at a time.

The main focus points are the dancers, the city and the crowd having a great time. I don’t know if the people in the crowd around the flash mob were hired or not, but I like how they all appear to be people who were just walking around and decide to join in on the dancing. If the latter is true, that makes it even more fun. With this in mind, the brand thinkers who created this ad want the consumer associate Pirelli Tires with fun and good feelings. Sure, they might not know much about the tires themselves from an ad like this, but having a good feeling about a company will eventually influence people to check it out.


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